Wooden Pirate Ship

Information About Wooden Pirate Ships

A wooden pirate ship is simply a boat shaped structure built outdoors specifically for children to play on and around.  Wood is much more asthetic and visually appealing that alternative materials. Wooden pirate ships are exciting renditions of a children’s playhouse sometimes including a gang plank, slide, and a swing set.    A typical family owned wooden pirate ship may also have components such as ladders, bridges, wall climbs, sail/mast, and other various toy accessories.

Wooden Pirate Ship

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any piece of equipment, especially when its your children using a wooden pirate ship. There are some standards that our country has put in place ensuring all residential wooden pirate ships follow to protect your children from potential accidents.  The ASTM has standard F1148 – 09 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground Equipment. These guidelines help reduce the chance children will be injured using their wooden pirate ship.

Yellow Pine is one of the more popular types of lumber used when building a wooden pirate ship for kids. Slides, swing seats, and other accessories are often made with a rugged type plastic.   The design and craftsmanship are key eliments of any wooden pirate ship.  there are small wooden pirate ships measuring approximately 6′ wid by 12′ long as well as larger wooden pirate ships measuring 8′ wide and 17′ long.  Wooden pirate ships are not normally found in commercial playgrounds.  Another feature commonly found with a wooden pirate ship is some variation of a play pit, or soft landing area.

Why buy a Wooden Pirate Ship?

There are several reasons why you should consider a backyard wooden pirate ship.  There are several studies that show the physical, mental, and emotional benefits for children playing outside.  A wooden pirate ship creates an outdoor haven for your kids to stretch their imagination and build social skills playing with other family members & friends.  Fresh air and physical activity are just what the doctor ordered in a generation consumed of video games and electronic media.  A wooden pirate ship also serves as emotional get away and secure hideout in those tough moments learning the walk of life.

On top of all the health reasons for your family to have a wooden pirate ship, its satisfying enough to hear our children laugh and play!  Smiles are plentiful when kids find themselves in a land of adventure and good times on a wooden pirate ship. It’s time to give your children a good new reason to get outdoors, use their imagination, and get the physical activity that every kid needs to be healthy.

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Wooden Pirate Ships in North & South Carolina

Wooden Pirate Ship in Charlotte NC

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